My 15 year career as an interior designer distinctly influences my artistry. I continuously think about rearranging physical spaces by creating two-dimensional plan views, and so my artwork tends to take on an aerial perspective. Although influenced by landscapes and topography, I see my work as an organization of different thoughts and feelings. We all cope with conflicting emotions and external demands, and that forces us to compartmentalize. Sometimes organized and sometimes chaotic, the art that I create reflects the spatial organization of my mind. I work with materials that are the byproducts or leftovers from construction projects such as wall plaster, concrete clumps, leveling sand, and plyboard. I also use found materials from the earth like rocks and dirt. These materials mixed with clay balls and paint pigment are often central to my work. The result is an abstract multidimensional space for the viewer to navigate.



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Dimensions: 24" x 48" x 6" Materials: Plyboard, clay, styrofoam, plaster, pigment