Jessica Mowery is a US based artist who splits her time between the DC area and Sarasota, FL. Jessica holds a bachelor degree from the University of Maryland and a Master’s from Corcoran College of Art and Design. With a varied professional background that includes teaching students with autism, selling vehicular armor and running an accomplished interior architecture studio, Jessica Mowery draws on a complex history to create conceptual works that explore topics rich in environmental and emotional conflict. Her personal hurdles have motivated her to examine painful topics such as death and illness as well as the confusing emotional states that one may journey through to move forward in life. Although personal in nature, she also considers these topics universal in experience.


In choosing materials and methods, Jessica is influenced by her background in interior architecture. She spent 15 years as a practicing interior architect, 10 of those years managing MOW design studio which she founded. Disheartened by the amount of waste that she encountered on construction sites, Mowery spent many years collecting debris from her client’s projects to repurpose in her work. Although no longer a practicing interior architect, she still scavenges from construction sites but has also branched out to include any found materials that she may encounter. Jessica has received numerous accolades for both her work as a designer and as an artist.


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