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Creating Without Barriers: Cracking open the artistic process

Weekend Workshop

March 26-27



Virtual Class 


Price: $75

(Does not include materials)

Whether a trained artist or a novice exploring methods, making art can be intimidating and comes with many preconceived notions. Art is a wide concept - anything can be art. Everyday objects and materials can be transformed into marvelous expressions of unique perspectives, emotions and thoughts. In this workshop, we will explore methods for cracking open the creative process without relying on traditional ‘art’ making techniques. Creativity is a learned skill that can be nurtured and cultivated. Through the use of mixed materials and found objects, we will explore the process of making without boundaries. 


What you will learn: 

  • Methods for igniting the creative process, overcoming barriers, letting go of expectations 

  • Explore methods and materials

  • How to evaluate found objects and their place in your making process

  • Creating textures with textiles and mixed media 


The workshop outline, recommended reading list as well as required materials will be provided once enrolled in the workshop. Material costs may vary for each participant. The material list includes options for purchasing or scavenging for recyclable materials.  

Let’s Create Together. 

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