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"Art is the transformative force that can change people's perceptions and open up new ways of thinking."

Patti Smith -


Jessica Mowery is an accomplished artist whose work seamlessly intertwines nostalgia, melancholy, and personal trauma, creating a profoundly evocative experience. Through a highly personal visual poetic and enigmatic language, she transforms her own life experiences into captivating artworks, employing a diverse range of mediums that resonate with her inner world.

In Jessica's art, there exists a captivating antithesis between presence and absence, freedom and confinement, as well as a thought-provoking dialogue between reality and illusion. This interplay invites viewers to embark on a meandering journey through the realm of her artistic exploration.

For Jessica, her creative process serves as a form of catharsis. Every artwork she brings to life acts as a therapeutic endeavor, offering her a sense of release and healing. As a result, viewers are presented with profound and serene creations that carry a sense of depth and introspection.

With a rich background in interior architecture, Jessica's artistic practice is further enriched by her resourcefulness and keen eye for materials. Drawing from her previous experience in repurposing discarded construction debris, she continues to incorporate found materials into her work, aligning her artistic expression with a commitment to sustainability. 


Throughout her artistic journey, Jessica Mowery has received numerous accolades, recognizing her exceptional talent both as a designer and as an artist, while her work continues to captivate audiences with its poignant and introspective nature.

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